Blog: Aug 27 2010
Foilers, spoilers, send them to the broilers!

It’s crazy. The more you aspire to progress, the more people pull you down. It’s strange, but true, that the moment you take a step toward progress, there will be a hundred people objecting and planting obstacles in your way. That’s the way of the world! What I’m reminded about when I think of this approach are my guru’s words, that if progress is just about material, selfish needs, then people foil it, but if it has a spiritual angle and if you’re taking people with you, then it’s OK. This is probably true. But on the other hand, there are so many people making so much individual progress, why the hell aren’t they teased, stopped, or blocked?

Foiling someone’s plans and individual aspirations is a mean, nasty, and pathetic way to do anything and conduct yourself. Any way, it’s hard to study, work, and create a niche for yourself; then why make it all the more tough? I don’t understand why certain people deny others their basic rights. I mean, why should you get into someone’s house and head and make decisions about the person’s achievements and goals???

It makes no sense. We are peace loving individuals; so we want peace for the majority, and since this is a democracy, everyone has the right to success and move up in life; why make it a game of one-upmanship?

I’m reminded of the movie Arohan by Shyam Benegal, in which a dalit’s (dalit means oppressed and persecuted) property and rights are all taken over by rich zamindars (landlords), making his life a hell. But we are not in the 70s any more, and every one has the right to move up and progress in life.

What is most ironic is that the people closest to you, your friends and family, will be the first to react and stop your progress, which is a sad reality of life. Why is this so?

The only way out for a person who meets with so much opposition is to bull doze those opposing him of his basic right to life and security, there’s no other nonviolent approach left!
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