D day and you

Finally, the D day is approaching, and you – the bride-to-be – want to look perfectly gorgeous. For all the brides-to-be, here’s the know-how to prewedding beauty and fitness regimes, justto ensure that you will be the cynosure of all eyes.

The D day is really that special day in a woman’s life on which she wants to look her ethereal best. And so,you too would leave no stone unturned to look your glowing best. Wedding, for every girl, is a dream come true. Amidst all the hustle-bustle, shopping, arrangements, and preparations, brides-to-be forget to take their naps or beauty therapies and end up looking exhausted by the time they are ready to tie the knot. However,it is no rocket science to look beautifully radiant on your big day, whatever the season. Added to the usual jitters, the seasonal and environmental woes make for a perfect recipe for potential anxiety for the bride-to-be.

Dropping unwanted weight is a sure-fire way to boost the confidence level and feel lovely on the special day. Perfect skin, hair, and body cannot be achieved in a day’s effort. You have to start working on it well in advance to see wonderful results. Starting on the regime a month before the D day can actually do the trick.

Diet Control:
Pay attention to what you eat and drink, as what goes inside your stomach shows on the outside. The first task is to cut down on the salt intake. Drink twelve glasses of water every day; even if you don’t feel thirsty, it helps throw away the toxins from the body. Start your day with a cup of green tea and soaked dry fruits. Meals should ideally include a soup, two breads, green vegetables, brown rice, and pulses. Sip on coconut water, fruits/vegetable juices, butter milk, or lemon juice as and when possible through the day. This keeps you hydrated, cool, and energetic the entire day. Try not to eat out.This helps keep a tab on the calorie intake. Make sure there is enough intake of Vitamin C and nutrients like shell fish and nuts, as they improve the texture of the skin.

Shape up with a workout routine
It is vital that your body is in perfect shape on the D day. For some, having a well-toned body is important, but the fact is that being healthy and fit is vital rather than being skinny. Start by toning your body every morning or evening for about thirty minutes to an hour. Young girls these days prefer unusual ways to get into shape and fit into their wedding trousseau. You can take your pick from varied options like yoga, aerobics, jogging, dance classes,and brisk walking. This will help you remain vigorous and get rid of unwanted waste from the body.Following these tips will make you look your dazzling best.

A blushing bride is a wedding photographer’s muse.So you, the bride, want to ensure that there is no visible double chin or unwanted fat in the upper area of the body. Try some facial exercises to tone up the double chin and the areas around the eyes and mouth. This will help you be a picture-perfect bride.

Skincare and hair care for the blushing bride
Apart from the regular visit to a spa and beauty parlor once in a fortnight for beauty fixes, it is recommended to take regular beauty therapy at home. Herbs, fruits, and veggies are nature’s truest beauty aids, and one should use them daily without any fear of side effects. Here are some easy-to-follow home recipes to get instant glow from the head to the toe.

Start with a regular self-given, low-cost pedicure routine at home. Pamper your feet by soaking them for fifteen minutes in lukewarm water containing Epsom salt and rose petals. Use a foot scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the feet. Massage your feet with a good moisturizing cream mixed with petroleum jelly. And finally, paint your nails with the color of your choice.

Relax and unwind by placing cotton wool dipped in chilled rose water, cucumber juice, or potato juice over the eyes. Beyond these, aromatherapy, medication, music, and laughter therapy in the company of close friends help balance the mind and emotions.Most importantly, take eight hours of sound sleep, no matter what.

So, simply follow these tips and look amazingly gorgeous on the D day!
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