How to manage the whining of your toddler

Are you really tired of the continuous crying and temper tantrums of your toddler? If you feel helpless when your little one throws him or her on the floor, kicks the legs and whimpers loudly, here are some suggestions that can help you to manage the anger and soothe your whiney toddler.

Ways to prevent temper tantrums of your toddler:
These tips might help you to prevent and control toddler tantrums. You need to understand your child and identify the stimuli and reasons behind the anger outburst. Do not get upset if your toddler refuses to listen to you. Instead, be patient and follow these simple tips to prevent the tantrums.
  • The first thing to do is ignore the whining of your children and do not give in to their wishes. Make them understand that whining is not the right approach to get what they want. Leave that place or continue doing your work, as if nothing has happened. Make it clear that you are not going to reward them if they continue behaving unreasonably. It is really hard for a mother or dad to completely ignore when the child whimpers, but you have to do it if you want to control the tantrum of your child.
  • If ignoring does not work or if it makes the situation worse, try to find out the trigger responsible for the outburst, like hunger, overexcitement, illness, fatigue, or boredom. It just might be for seeking attention. Keep an eye on them and look for the signs that generally occur before a tantrum. Try to distract them to avoid the outburst.
  • Always plan ahead to avoid such a situation if you are going out with your toddler. Go out for shopping when your child is well fed and not tired. Always carry enough food and drink with you because a hungry baby can make the situation worse. Do not take your toddlers out when they are tired.
  • If your little one loses control during a tantrum, hold her tightly, look to him/her eye to eye and speak softly but firmly. Ask what he/she wishes to do or comfort him/her and give lots of hugs and kisses. Reassure him/her by telling “everything is ok” or “Mama is here”.
  • You should stay cool when your child starts whining and makes the situation embarrassing for you in public places. If you could not control your temper, you would not be able to control your child’s tantrum. Do not get frustrated as your baby needs you to stay cool.
When the child reaches the second year of its life, its urge of self-expression increases. The toddlers can now do a lot of things on their own, but are still unable to communicate with their parents. This might lead to frustration and sudden outbursts. Do not get worried by your toddler’s continuous screaming and kicking of legs. As your child grows older and starts communicating, the tantrums decrease gradually.
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