The era of economic illusion

Astonishingly funny and poignant it is that this is the world that we gather money from, only to splurge it back on this same world all that money came from. The roads downtown are smeared with concepts of fashion and luxury, and so is the centre of the city. And if one were to take a tiptoed and fashion-free walk along the mall and hypermall, he/she would notice how well suited those flaring concepts are, suited to our concepts and ultraspecific requirements.

Why not then live in this era of economic illusion, where one might have to work in KFC to earn a burger from the same shop he is working for, and a crazy ad artist who markets a product ends up buying the same product he had sought out to sell. But all that should be fine. It is after all a whirlpool of our needs (let’s call them “requirements”), and we have one hand stuck in it. What that essentially means is: we can pitch in as much as we can pull out; but again to pull out, we need to pitch in as much as we can pitch in (in some form or the other).

And again, to second that, economy is certainly an illusion. And that is because people in the history of mankind have never thought of creating something beautiful and extraordinary along with the thoughts of money and economic efficiency. If this weren’t true, we wouldn’t have made the longest cake in the world and the fastest car in the world and the brightest diamond in the world and the biggest aircraft in the world. If economy was considered, then we wouldn’t even have witnessed anything beyond the realms of industrial revolution and basic survival.

Ergo, let us then buy things, things that our forefathers did not buy. Things we have always wanted to buy. Things we didn’t even know were available! Things those are utterly fantastic. Things we could barely understand. Let us plunge into the depths of this warm and comfortable illusion, for it is a harmless hobby to pursue after all. A man’s way to his heart is certainly through his eyes before his mouth could even taste the food for the stomach to be culpable in the first place. Now is just the time to surrender being an aficionado of our own preferences.

On a disillusioning conclusive note, it is all fine as long as we are perfectly sure of what we want. The mere availability of products and the choices that we exist amidst can make us live in an illusion of choices, which is bound to never go away, but increase instead. And to the contributors of the whirlpool, having one hand stuck in it is perhaps the only option. And last but not the least, we shouldn’t give money more importance than it deserves. After all, money is only one of the ways of pitching in.
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