Feel your Eureka moment!

I take this opportunity to bring to you certain facts that I have gleaned from my experiences as an employee, as a daughter, as a leader, and as a friend. Great personalities have always maintained that greatness doesn’t lie in doing exceptional things, but it lies in doing routine things with passion and a constant desire to improve. If you see yourself as a constantly evolving human being, then you have place to improve. But if you already think that you are the best person on the surface of the earth, then there is no scope for improvement.

Recognize others’ contribution
Greatness doesn’t lie in feeling on top of the world in any given situation. On the contrary, it lies in recognizing others’ accomplishments and awarding them their due. We all are out to prove our mettle, but personal agendas and selfish goals shouldn’t take control over our senses. We must recognize others for the work that they do instead of constantly striving for selfish means and individual goals.

The concept of individuality
In this free economy and in a democratic set up, the onus lies on the individual. But we get so besotted by individual goals and ambitions that we cease to look at the social aspect and the collective consciousness that should take priority over individual aspirations. So, we know that we have to excel in our fields, but that doesn’t mean we should constantly strive to drive the competition out. Naked ambition and insatiable greed for power often turn us into veritable foes of society. We must learn how to live together, strive together, and make each other comfortable instead of regularly criticizing, back-stabbing and abusing each other. Is it too hard to realize that we are social beings and that society runs in the interest of the many, not in the powerful manipulations of the few?

Feel your Eureka moment
Achievements are always accomplished by the humble. If you can leave your egotism aside, consider the betterment of society, and overlook certain personal goals, then this world might become a better place for each of us. Practice in your desired area of achievement is one of the factors required for achievement. Learn to be happy in the happiness of others. You will never gain your Eureka moment at the cost of someone else. This is pure schadenfreude, and it doesn’t work. In fact, in all probability, you will gain your Eureka moment with a team, or your professors, your employers, your company, your peers and friends urging you onward.

We, as a group of individual professionals, will never gain perfection by getting at each others’ throats; instead, this perfection will come to us only once we learn to live in harmony.

Unhealthy competition
Learn to see the unhealthy attributes of competition. If someone thrives on jealousy, greed, power, corruption, learn to take a stand against such evils by announcing your true virtues, deeds, and nature. Never stand up for the wrong party, the support to which will prove that your priorities are wrong and that you have not thought things through well. Stand up for what is right, and fight fairly for your place in the sun.

All is not fair in love and war
As an educated human being, you are supposed to exhibit a strong sense of conviction, of the ability to discern between right and wrong. Don’t blur the moral divide and fudge the truth. Fight for your cause, by all means, but don’t fail to see the red signal in case it comes upon you. A true competitor will always give enough time and place for his competitors to air their views; this is healthy competition, instead of the bully’s concept of bulldozing everyone into submission. Respect people and learn to command respect, not demand it!

What counts at the end of the day?
At the end of the day, when you’re alone in bed, if your conscience bites you, then all that you’ve worked for has come to naught. For a happy life, learn to be just, hardworking, ponderous, virtuous, and benevolent. This and a lot more is what it takes for your elusive Eureka moment.
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