Writing – A Perspective

WritingOnce a hobby, it’s now an industry in itself. Thanks to the knowledge & informationage. Social media networks have provided an entirely different, interactive platform for people, including writers, to voice their concerns and opinions. Web articles are written not for the sole purpose of communicating vital information, but also to gain exposure through SEO articles and blogs.

Writing – New Opportunities
Writing has opened up new opportunities and thrown in new challenges. Information has become a powerful resource worth exploiting by means of written content. This has given rise to the growth of content writing companies. These content providers offer many types of writing services: SEO writing/copywriting, Web content writing or Website copywriting, Blog writing, Ad copywriting, Tagline writing, Newsletter writing, Ghost writing, Press release copywriting, Brochure & Catalog writing, Content writing for Mailers & Flyers, Speech writing, etc.

With corporations turning to professional content writing/ content providing services to meet the growing content needs, copywriting has emerged as a viable career option.
  • SEO Article Writing
    SEO/keyword articles are one of the Internet marketing strategies used by companies to promote their business, products, and services. What SEO (Search Engine Optimization) does is that it optimizes the Webpage content so that the most frequently used key phrases/words appear an optimum number of times on the Webpage. The aim is to generate more traffic to one’s own Webpage and thereby increase the sales. And the idea employed is to put as many relevant,most searched for key words and key phrases as possible in the text on the Webpage. So, when someone does an Internet search using those keywords/phrases, the Webpage is ranked in the first few search results. The higher ranking increases the chances of the surfers visiting the Website.
  • Web Content Writing
    Website content drives businesses. It is the Website content that decides whether the first visit to the company Website would convert a prospective customer into a buyer. The Website reflects the product and service quality and portrays the image of a business. The decision to stay on or leave the Website is made in a few moments. That means the content has to be compelling.
  • Content writing for Mailers, Flyers, Newsletters
    Direct mailers and flyers are extensively used direct marketing communications. Copywriting plays an important role in increasing sales and promoting the business through mailers and flyers. In the information age, the mailers and flyers also have their electronic counterparts. In addition, there are newsletters. Each working day starts with emails being sent and received. This has paved the way for reaching prospective buyers through e-newsletters, mailers, and flyers sent at a click.
  • Blogging/Blog writing
    Blogging is becoming increasingly popular across all age groups and sectors. One of the reasons for the popularity of blogs is that they are interactive, meaning that a visitor can leave behind a comment/feedback on the blog post/blog article. The blog writer updates blogs at regular intervals.

    Celebrities with a huge fan following need articles for their blogs, which are sometimes written by professional bloggers or blog writers.There are dedicated blogs for sports, politics, medicine, health, science and technology, etc.

    Apart from personal blogs, there are business blogs as well. Blogs are exploited to promote products and services. One idea to get high ranking in search engine results is to frequently post SEO articles. As another idea, ablog can be linked to other relevant and important blogs or Web pages.
  • Proofreading & Editing
    The daunting task of creating an impeccable copy has given rise to proofreading and editing services. Some minute mistakes and badly written sentences or parts remain to be rectified after the writer has pulled out all the stops.These corrections are necessary to do justice to the content.
  • Brochure & Catalog Writing
    Brochures are vital marketing tools that concisely showcase the products and services. By highlighting the key benefits and salient features of the products/services, brochures help generate leads. These marketing collaterals successfully promote new offerings and also contribute to brand building. In addition, brochures reinforce the marketing and advertising campaigns.

    Catalogs detail the technical information. The technical data helps a buyer understand product specifications and decide which product best satisfies his/her requirements.

Writing – ChallengesWriting effective content goes beyond the scope of merely a rich vocabulary, perfect grammar, and hold on the language. Good copywriting must incorporate wisdom and intelligence in the creative process of wording the content.

Writing effective content goes beyond the scope of merely a rich vocabulary, perfect grammar, and hold on the language. Good copywriting must incorporate wisdom and intelligence in the creative process of wording the content.

The increased need to be innovative in writing is felt and seen when it comes to Ad Copywriting and Tagline Creation. The extent of media reach has made advertising copywriting all the more challenging. Entertaining, educative, and informative, the ad must make an impact in a few words and seconds. The tagline must effectively reflect what the company truly offers.

Corporate slogans portray the company image, its values, vision, and mission. Every Ad slogan refines the views and expectations of the company employees, clients, and stakeholders. The gravity of what is at stake (the corporate image, to be clear) renders Tagline Writing as challenging as rewarding it is.

As regards mailers and flyers, the content and style both are of great importance. If the presentation is poor or if the content is not precise, the mailers and flyers would end up being thrown into trash. The challenge lies in designing compelling mailers and flyers that are attractive, hold the attention of the reader, and prompt the reader to take action.

The media is keen on picking up stories and making news from every source, and understandably, it does not leave out blogs as an important source of information. So, blogging or blog writing is not a trivial matter.

Copywriting is a serious business.
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