You have found your dream house, and have paid the advance for it. You have also struck a wonderful bargain for a home loan to buy it. The flip side may be that you have received a notice of foreclosure, and the only way out is to sell your house.

Whatever the reason, you are faced with the prospect of selling your house fast.

Selling your house in a hurry will definitely not get you a good price for it. However, there are ways and means to help you sell your house or property fast. A lot of factors come into play when you are selling your home. Let us consider some important ones.
  • Silly as it may seem, make sure that you have the sanction letter of the home loan for your new house, before you make arrangements to sell your present home. Otherwise, you may end up living in rented place, while you see both houses disappear before your eyes.
  • Contact a good real estate agent to know the market value of the property you are selling and what you can expect for it. You may also like to include the estate agent’s charges, if you are planning to sell the home through him or her. This will be a sizeable amount and will come out of the sale proceeds; so, don’t ignore it.
  • Evaluate your house critically and make repairs to anything that appears broken. This will prevent potential buyers from offering you a lower price.
  • Spruce up your house. It is time to get the painting job done that you have been avoiding for years. Dust out cobwebs and clean the windows. Make the house as appealing as you can, as you have to sell property!
  • Remove all personal photographs and other such items. This will help in attracting potential buyers. The buyers would like to see their personal stuff on the walls, and shelves, not yours!
  • Clear away all clutter. Keep all junk and objects lying around, out of view. You don’t want the buyers to think that the house has no space to hold anything!
  • Make sure that cupboards and cabinets are neat and properly arranged. Potential buyers do tend to snoop into cupboards. Just imagine what would happen if everything fell out or they confronted a mess!!
  • Be prepared to show the house/property whenever required. The property should be accessible at a short notice. If you take ages to show your house, the buyer and the estate agent will get fed up. It may be inconvenient, but you do want to sell your house, your property!
The last but not the least important thing is to be mentally prepared to sell your house. Do not consider the buyers as intruders. Convince yourself that your house is no longer yours, and is just a piece of goods that has to be sold. Do not remain emotionally attached to your property. It will make it easier to sell the property, be it a foreclosed home or just another house.
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