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The writer who neglects punctuation, or mispunctuates, is liable to be misunderstood. … For the want of merely a comma, it often occurs that an axiom appears a paradox, or that a sarcasm is converted into a sermonoid. Edgar Allan Poe
Are errors a signature of yours?
Small errors of punctuation and spelling stand out prominently in an otherwise well-written article. Although grammar may not be one’s forte, the final copy has to be impeccable.That’s why proofreading & editing becomes so important.

While proofreading may not enhance the original content, it rectifies mistakes of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The Proofreader does not look for factual mistakes, the overall content, and the flow. This is done in editing. Editing helps you gain a fresh perspective – a critical one – on your work.

During editing, an editor evaluates the content. The editor confirms the factual correctness of the statements made therein. This is crucial. False statements call into question the authenticity of the entire content. This hampers the author’s credibility. Moreover, factual inaccuracies constitute serious content mistakes that can lead to grave consequences. While this is pretty obvious in the case of technical and medical writing, the authenticity of statements is of no less importance in general articles.

Besides this, clarity is another factor that must be ensured in any communication. Choosing most apt words and expressions is as crucial as correctly phrasing the sentences.

Don’t Miss Out the Purpose
Above all, every communication must be written such that it serves the intended purpose and addresses the target audience. While a layman will find a technical document too boring and not quite useful, a professional would appreciate it for giving the key information in the most concise and reader-friendly form.

Our Proofreading & Editing Service
  • Impeccable content
    Availing Arch Copywriting’s Proofreading & Editing Service means ensuring that your content is immaculate – grammatically perfect and factually correct.

  • Seasoned Professionals
    Our highly qualified and professional editors come from diverse fields such as arts, literature, politics, insurance, healthcare, medicine, biotechnology, pharmacy, and engineering.

  • Close scrutiny
    At Arch Copywriting, our editors give due thought to every written word and the big picture – Does your write-up say what it is expected to the target audience, in a language and tone that is most appropriate to the subject, its seriousness, and purpose? Is there any content that might be objectionable? Is the meaning clear? Should additional information be provided? Would it be appropriate to replace a general statement with a specific case? And many more such points... so that your communication needs are rightly served.
All this because in a written word, more is at stake than just the impression: As remarked by E. B. White,“Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.
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Being a publication company, getting more than half a thousand feature articles on various topics in a month’s time – with very little or almost no need to have them revised – was very crucial for us...

- Michael Taylor, USA
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