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You happened to pick up a magazine or just came across a headline on some website/webpage while surfing. You paused to take a brief look at the article, but got hooked to it and read the entire article instead. Maybe or may not, you were looking for something specific that you found in that piece of text. Familiar experience. Isn’t it?

Now just pause and give a thought to what actually made you read on the article. You found it interesting, it appealed to your emotions or intelligence, or it provided a new perspective on some subject or topic. Or, it may be that it entertained you very well. This is what a Feature Article is expected to do.

The Purpose
People like Feature Articles of all sorts – fiction, news stories, fact-based narratives, off-beat content, and so on. And each feature has a specific purpose:
  • To introduce a topic
  • To create awareness
  • To educate the masses
  • To impart depth to a news item
Further, unlike a piece of news, a reader has to go through the feature content to understand it, rather than simply scan the feature text. This means that the reader must find the feature article interesting and engaging throughout. It is only then that the feature will serve its intended purpose.

Writing a Feature – Quite a Task
Writing is an art in itself, and so is Feature Writing. Each type of writing has its own peculiarities. Feature writing is so important that books have been written on it: Feature Writing: The Pursuit of Excellence by Edward Jay Friedlander, John Lee (Allyn & Bacon, Incorporated) The Art of Feature Writing by Earl R. Hutchison (Oxford University Press), and Professional feature writing by Bruce Garriso (Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc Inc.), just to name a few.

Making your feature article work requires excellent writing skills. Realizing the potential for providing Feature Writing Services, Arch Copywriting decided to make a foray in this segment.

Our Feature Writing Service
With Arch Copywriting, you get:
  • A Broad Choice of Subjects
Arch Copywriting can write feature articles on any subject that you want:
  • Sports
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal Anecdotes
  • Profiles of Leaders, Celebrities, etc
Tell us the topic, tell us about the intended audience, provide other details, and let our feature writers do the rest of the job for you.
  • Content that works
Be assured that you will get the content that works ¬– feature articles
  • That are interesting
  • That have focus, and
  • Serve the purpose
Of course, they will be appropriate for the target audience.

Arch Copywriting has the ability to provide Features that subtly shed light on important aspects of a topic. Our writers blend factual information - not necessarily placed in a chronological order - with important events & quotes, as also other tits & bits, opinions & analysis to make the content engaging.
  • Timely Delivery
Arch Copywriting lays high emphasis on meeting its deadlines. This means you get quality content on time.
  • Contended Readership
Well-written Feature articles finally translate into you having a happy & satisfied readership.
Clients Speak
Being a publication company, getting more than half a thousand feature articles on various topics in a month’s time – with very little or almost no need to have them revised – was very crucial for us...

- Michael Taylor, USA
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