The world is making a return to alternative therapies, as an option to pill popping. Among alternative therapies, Reiki, Yoga, and Acupressure are very popular. Su Jok or Onnuri medicine is one such alternate treatment, a natural healing method, that is fast catching on.

The term “Su Jok” is of Korean origin. The word “Su” means the hand and “Jok” means the foot. Su Jok therapy is credited to Professor Park Jae Woo, a South Korean scientist, who concluded that Su (hand) and Jok (feet) have corresponding similarities to the human body. Su Jok, a natural healing therapy, brings together many forms of hand and foot acupressure and acupuncture.

Su Jok therapy is based on the principle that there is a continuous flow of energy in our bodies. This energy is believed to flow in a systematic and uniform manner. The essence of Su Jok is to remedy the imbalance of energy in the body and thereby bring about a cure.

An advanced form of Su Jok treatment, called Six Ki (sixki), uses needles to balance the energy. Six Ki harmonizes the energy on the physical and emotional levels and even on the Chakra plane.

Su Jok therapy is based on the concept that all nerve points of the body are located on the hands and feet. So, the entire treatment under Su Jok can be done just by locating the points on one's hand or foot, making it an absolute natural healing process.
  • The thumb and big toe stand for the head and the neck.
  • The index and little finger, along with the second and little toe, represent the two hands.
  • The middle and ring fingers represent the two legs, as do the third and the fourth toe.
  • The bulged portion of the palm represents the chest. The foot sole represents the chest and the abdomen.
  • The other part of the palm represents the abdomen.
Su Jok, the Onnuri medicine technique, as a form of alternative therapy just involves stimulation of the hands and the feet. It is a therapy that is reported to offer promising results for many ailments. It is a drugless and natural form of healing. The best part is that it is easy to learn and can be used by any person for self-healing by merely pressing one’s hands and feet.

Su Jok as an acupressure therapy is so effective that the need for needles does not arise.

Most conditions can be treated using the principles of Su Jok therapy. Su Jok is found to be effective for simple ailments like cold, fever, sinusitis, pimples, hair loss, etc. It can also help in major ailments like paralysis, hypertension, memory loss, asthma, and varicose veins. It has also been found effective in treating different types of addictions, including smoking, chronic alcoholism, and tobacco chewing, although these may require advanced Sujok therapy through needles.

Su Jok therapy can be practiced using different objects, from massagers and micromagnets to laser light, food grains, and needles. In Su Jok, all points are simplified and are located in the hands and the feet. This is unlike other acupressure and acupuncture therapies where the corresponding nerve points have to be learnt and then practiced under professional guidance.

Su Jok takes about 15 to 40 sittings to effectively treat most conditions. One of the high points of Sujok is that it is hundred percent safe and free from all side effects. However, the success of treatment will depend on precautions taken, including cleanliness and elimination of contamination.

One of the key attractions of Su Jok is that anybody can learn the therapy. It is taught at three levels, which cover theoretical and practical aspects. However, mastering Su Jok requires a deeper understanding and sound knowledge.

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One important aspect of Su Jok is that the therapy is useful not only to treat the illnesses present but also to stimulate the immune system. And that too by simply pressing the hands and feet!

Su Jok is very effective in pain management and has found success in cancer treatment, especially the pain aspect.

Anger, fear, and worries that tend to disrupt normal life can be treated with Su Jok. Stress has become a common problem in today’s fast-paced lives. Su Jok provides an easy and convenient way to reduce stress. Many corporates are realizing the usefulness of Su Jok, as it is easy to administer and doesn't require huge financial expenses, special medical knowledge, profound skills, or intricate devices. Everyone can benefit one’s health at any age by practicing Su Jok. As a result, Su Jok is being incorporated into several “stress buster” programs.

Su Jok therapy does have its limitations. It cannot be used in emergencies, accidents, epidemics, for treating cardiac problems and infectious diseases, etc. But it can definitely be used along with conventional medical treatment to give a more holistic healing.
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